Our client, an important damage insurance supplier in Canada, being on Kicentric’s list of choice in Canada employer, is currently looking for his internal technical investigation team, a Polymer Breakdown and Metallurgy Specialist.

Nature of position

Under the supervision of the technical investigation director, you will have to understand and identify the factor responsible for the damage, by eliminating the other possible causes. You will have to recreate the sequence of the events that led to the incident and validate those steps with the scientist knowledge update. By validating the hypothesis and testing if needed, the scenario under study, you will have to apply the scientific method to the identification of the causes of disasters. Furthermore, you will have to produce shorts and detailed reports when there is more importants damages. Finally, you will also be called to testify in court in order to present your expert opinion. As such you will :

  • Analyze and identify broken polymer parts such as hoses, flexible and semi-rigid pipes and other various plastic parts as well as steel parts by NDT (non-destructive testing) ;
  • Conduct the survey and prepare the documentation following the diagnosis ;
  • Confirm the study plan and inspection ;
  • Perform sampling and prepare documentation of samples and breakage types ;
  • Collect and prepare documentation of samples and breakage types ;
  • Perform various polymer non-destructive testing (NTD) using a microscope or infrared spectroscopy ;
  • Identify the manufacturers of the parts and verify the certification of the specimens ;
  • Prepare internal or external metallurgical analyses and interpret results ;
  • Collaborate with internal and external specialists ;
  • Discuss evidence and prepare documentation to prevent litigation ;
  • Perform every other task compatible with your functions.

Required qualification

  • Bachelor in electrical, mechanical or applied sciences engineering or other relevant training ;
  • Minimum 5 years of relevant experience ;
  • Skilled as an exposure device operator, certified Level I inspector in visual, radiographic and ultrasonic inspection (an asset) ;
  • Good ability to handle and adjust electron microscopes
  • Good written and spoken communication skills ;
  • Functional english level.

Education / training

Bachelor in chemical engineering , Bachelor in mechanical engineering , Bachelor in physic engineering

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