Our client, a large company specializing in the rolling and casting of metallurgical products, is currently looking for a production manager.

Nature of position

Under the supervision of the VP & General Manager, you will be responsible for managing the manufacturing processes and directing the activities of the production teams (4 production supervisors, 1 SAP engineer and 1 production reliability engineer) for achieving the objectives of production. All will be done through the implementation of world-class manufacturing techniques and health and safety and continuous improvement philosophies and methodologies, in a context of constant search for manufacturing excellence. As such you will see at:

  • Lead production teams to achieve production goals ;
  • Ensure cooperation with the engineering / quality management department and supervisors responsible for production and maintenance for the production of the highest quality products; Ensure cooperation with the engineering / quality management department quality and supervisors responsible for production and maintenance for the production of the highest quality products ;
  • Identify and eliminate potential quality problems ;
  • Implement and maintain a system capable of recognizing problems and identifying appropriate corrective measures ;
  • Communicate effectively with supervisors and other managers for the early identification of potential manufacturing problems and the resolution of existing problems as well as for the maintenance of production levels and plant efficiency ;
  • Cooperate with the logistics department for production planning based on customer needs and delivery dates to guarantee a very high level of reliability of deliveries ;
  • Ensure that the plant is a healthy, safe and productive workplace (5S, order and cleanliness) ;
  • Manage the operating budget and control expenditure on production supplies, to ensure compliance with budgetary objectives ;
  • Participate in labor relations committees ;
  • Participate in grievance committees ;
  • Perform all other tasks compatible with your duties.

Required qualification

  • Bachelor degree in Engineering or other relevant training;
  • Minimum of 8 years of relevant management experience in the manufacturing sector ;
  • Substantial knowledge of products and production methods, and in materials management, costing and inventory management ;
  • Mastered of spoken and written French and English ;
  • Proficiency in production planning and inventory management software such as SAP ;
  • Management experience in a unionized environment will be an important asset.

Education / training

Bachelor in mechanical engineering

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