Our client is a company that specializes in designing and manufacturing ventilation systems for the commercial and residential sectors. In order to continue growing as a company, they are currently looking for an R&D project manager.

Nature of position

Under the supervision of the Director of Research and Development, your job will mainly consist of carrying out the role of project manager for new products and modifications to existing products, as well as contributing to the development of intelligent, effective, and differentiated solutions in order to develop coherent technical/economic solutions for clients, within assigned time frames and with a view to profitability. As such, you will :

  • Carry out research, prepare project specifications and planning;
  • Model concepts and prototypes (using 3D CAD) when draftsmen are unavailable;
  • Prepare test reports and calculations;
  • Take part in the development process: brainstorming, concept search, concept validation, concept selection, etc.;
  • Contribute to research on new technologies and components;
  • Manage engineering bill of materials for new products;
  • Perform technology watch and analysis of the competition;
  • Evaluate cost of new products;
  • Contribute to product documentation;
  • Work on product continuity and subsequent development after its launch (quality level, reductions to costs, etc.);
  • Determine which instruments will be used to measure pressure, flow, temperature, and humidity;
  • Make sure that measurements are precise and that instruments are sufficiently calibrated;
  • Take part in laboratory testing in order to establish performance of devices and prototypes;
  • Prepare reports and data sheets for tests conducted;
  • Carry out any other task related to your duties.

Required qualification

  • Bachelor's degree or college diploma in mechanical engineering / building mechanicals, or other relevant studies;
  • Minimum of 2 years of relevant experience;
  • Skilled with 3D design software;
  • Functionally bilingual (spoken and written French and English).

Education / training

Bachelor in mechanical engineering , D.C.S. - Buiding mechanical systems technology, D.C.S. - Mechanical engineering technic

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