Our client is a well-established company specializing in developing, installing, and implementing geotechnical and structural monitoring systems, as well as acoustic and vibration control. They have projects in more than fifteen countries. In order to support their sales team, they are currently looking for a projects and project logistics planner / coordinator.

Nature of position

Under the supervision of the Vice President of Engineering, your job will mainly consist of working with project managers and planning the resources required for projects to be carried out smoothly. In addition, you will be responsible for monitoring all day-to-day activities and project logistics.

  • Plan technical resources to be assigned to projects based on the required expertise;
  • Identify the issues associated with projects and implement the corresponding risk mitigation plans;
  • Perform administrative tasks associated with Health / Safety / Environment;
  • Establish the project schedule and control costs and progress of work in keeping with budgets;
  • Maintain a detailed schedule of activities based on the scope and requirements of projects;
  • Serve as a liaison between the various parties involved in projects (clients, technical resource people, sales representatives, and management);
  • Lead weekly follow-up calls with clients;
  • Deal with clients' change requests over the course of the project;
  • Produce weekly progress reports for clients and for management;
  • Take part in validating time sheets for resources;
  • Track billable and non-billable hours and other expenses associated with various projects;
  • Take part in the process of billing clients;
  • Assign resources and follow up on service calls;
  • Manage client relations, expectations, and satisfaction throughout the course of projects;
  • Take part in post-mortem meetings and other internal improvement workshops;
  • Carry out any other tasks related to your duties.

Required qualification

  • College diploma or above in a relevant field (studies in project management are an asset);
  • Minimum of 4 years of professional experience as a project coordinator (or in a role with the same responsibilities);
  • Good command of the Office suite and other conference tools;
  • Strong adaptability skills when it comes to using new software tools;
  • Able to multitask within a dynamic environment;
  • Good sense of organization, time management, autonomy, and initiative;
  • Leadership focused on achieving results and customer satisfaction;
  • Skilled at maintaining good cooperative working relationships with clients and colleagues;
  • Carry out any other tasks related to your duties.

Education / training

D.V.S. - Business administration

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