Our client, a recognized and well-established university in Quebec, composed of four thematic, multidisciplinary and sectoral research and training centers, is currently seeking a Project Manager.

Nature of position

Under the supervision of the Director of Material Resources, your main mandate will be to manage and carry out major projects in the field of construction and equipment installation. In addition, you will be responsible for planning, organizing, directing and controlling the activities and resources required to achieve the objectives of your mandate, particularly with regard to the schedule, costs, quality, operational integration and customer service. As such, you will :

  • Ensure the organization of projects by defining a mandate with the institutional file holder, by structuring the project, by forming a project team and by defining the roles and responsibilities of each person, and see to the collection and submission of relevant information regarding the location of the work ;
  • Ensures the operational planning of projects by structuring activities, defining the scope of the project, the schedule, the costs, the quality, the required resources, the means of communication and the training needs ;
  • Verify, at the outset of a project, the consistency of the programmed needs with the agreed budget derived from a standardized framework ;
  • Ensure the preparation of calls for tender for professional services, coordinate and ensure the analysis and follow-up of the tenders received and prepare the contracts of the professionals ;
  • Ensure the management of the project team on a matrix basis as well as the coordination of all the internal resources required for the smooth running of the projects ;
  • Coordinate the preparation of tender documents, the analysis of contractor or supplier bids and the preparation of recommendations for the awarding of external contracts ;
  • Ensure the follow-up and approval of work, operational integration, customer service, management of interfaces, changes, external contracts, warranties and risks, respect of schedules, costs and quality of projects to be carried out ;
  • Participate in the development of approaches, methods and processes leading to effective project management and support other sectors of the institution in the application of project management principles ;
  • See to the coordination of work related to construction such as the acquisition of furniture, equipment and tools ;
  • Ensure compliance with laws and regulations to which all concerned are subject, including CNESST rules ;
  • Supervise and collaborate closely in the preparation of the clauses of the general conditions of the contracts without substituting for the legal advisors or the professionals in charge of drafting such conditions ;
  • Receive recommendations from professionals and administer claims for payment according to the rules of the institution ;
  • To be involved as a responsible party in the negotiation of change orders, without relieving the professionals of their responsibilities ;
  • Prevent future claims through close supervision of contract terms and conditions and oversight of the coordination of contract documents ;
  • Ensures schedule adherence by all stakeholders, ensuring that everyone meets their own deadlines, based on a critical path covering the periods of start-up (programming), design (plans and specifications), construction (site), furnishing, move-in and building commissioning ;
  • Ensure budgetary control of projects and report regularly on status ;
  • Manage all contracts within a project including professionals, specialists, contractors and laboratories ;
  • Act as an interlocutor with public and private organizations, contractors and suppliers, in relation to the files for which you are responsible ;
  • Write Standard Operating Procedures (Good Laboratory Practice Procedures) in relation to construction projects ;
  • Perform every other task compatible with your functions.

Required qualification

  • Bachelor's degree in civil engineering, construction engineering, architecture or other appropriate discipline ;
  • Minimum of 5 years of relevant experience, particularly in construction project management ;
  • Knowledge of laws and regulations applicable to the construction sector ;
  • Practical knowledge of project management ;
  • Financial and administrative management skills ;
  • Ability to analyze and synthesize ;
  • Ability to deal with the unexpected and action orientation ;
  • Organizational and control skills ;
  • Rigor in the follow-up of contracts ;
  • Good negotiator, political sense and conflict resolution skills.

Education / training

Bachelor in architecture, Bachelor in civil engineering , Bachelor in construction engineering

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