Our client is a construction contractor that specializes in civil engineering works (bridges, overpasses, artwork, etc.). They are currently looking for a project manager.

Nature of position

In cooperation with company management, your job will mainly consist of planning, organizing, managing, and controlling work on various projects, as well as contributing to cost estimates for projects.

  • See projects through from awarding of contract to final payment;
  • Coordinate the work in cooperation with administration (schedules, labour needs, equipment required, etc.);
  • Make a list of activities involved in order to allow for the preparation of the prevention programme;
  • Establish a list of items for cost control and project accounting;
  • Make purchase orders for site-specific materials;
  • Work out disputes in cooperation with the superintendent;
  • Perform administrative follow-up (costs, contingencies, government agencies, claims, etc.);
  • Coordinate technical control and quality inspections (data sheets, inspections, etc.);
  • Keep track of notices of change (estimates, tenders to the client, negotiations, issuing orders and/or awarding contracts);
  • Perform follow-up on payments with accounts payable and accounts receivable;
  • Authorize payments to subcontractors and suppliers;
  • Follow up on guarantees;
  • Coordinate preliminary inspection of work in cooperation with the project team;
  • Coordinate commissioning in cooperation with the superintendent;
  • Deliver the project in cooperation with the superintendent and get the client's final acceptance of the project;
  • Supervise the gathering and creation of documents for completion of work;
  • Measure client satisfaction;
  • Prepare project assessment (construction methods, productivity ratio, price per unit, etc.);
  • Carry out any other task related to your duties.

Required qualification

  • Bachelor's degree in civil engineering, construction engineering, or other relevant engineering studies;
  • Member in good standing of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec;
  • Minimum of 5 years of relevant experience with civil engineering works;
  • Proficient with AutoCAD and MS Project;
  • Car owner and holder of a valid driver's licence.

Education / training

Bachelor in civil engineering , Bachelor in construction engineering

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