Our client, a major industrial company of international scope is currently looking for a project and maintenance engineer.

Nature of position

Under the supervision of the Engineering and Maintenance Director, you will be responsible for the development, planning, organization and monitoring of the projects entrusted to you, all in accordance with the policies, budgets and objectives approved by management. in addition to making various design improvements or equipment modifications and technically supporting the maintenance team to maximize equipment reliability and manufacturing efficiency at the plant. As such you will see at:

  • Set out general concepts for projects in cooperation with management, and evaluate the feasibility thereof;
  • Serve as a resource person for team members by developing an approach based on the problem-solving process;
  • Be responsible for continuous improvements to equipment productivity;
  • Support the maintenance team in solving complex problems related to the plant's machinery;
  • Meet with equipment suppliers and/or services or engineering consultants to assess the pertinence of the products or services they offer;
  • Produce cost estimates for projects;
  • Supervise and manage resources and personnel for the projects for which you are responsible;
  • Prepare work schedules and layout of machinery;
  • Supervise installation and perform an appropriate follow-up once the project is finalized;
  • Identify and solve health & safety and equipment performance problems;
  • Bring projects to fruition while respecting costs and schedules, and with appropriate follow-up;
  • Carry out any other task related to your duties.

Required qualification

  • Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering or automated production engineering, or other relevant education;
  • Minimum of 5 years of relevant experience in the manufacturing sector;
  • Member of the Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec;
  • Highly fluent in spoken and written French and English;
  • Proficient with AutoCAD, SAP integrated management software, MS Office, and MS Project;
  • Skilled at finding and negotiating with suppliers.

Education / training

Bachelor in mechanical engineering

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