Our client is a major manufacturing company in the packaging sector. They are currently looking for a production supervisor.

Nature of position

Under the supervision of the plant manager, your job will primarily consist of organizing, controlling, and managing the production activities on your shift with a view to achieving the plant's overall operational objectives.

  • Plan and supervise the work of the employees on your team ;
  • Make sure that operations are carried out safely and reliably ;
  • Ensure that product quality standards are respected ;
  • Apply the company's workplace health and safety directives and policies ;
  • See to it that production planning is respected ;
  • Contribute to improvements to the workplace health and safety system ;
  • Work with your team to set out daily and weekly priorities for corrections and/or improvements in order to respect the production plan ;
  • Recommend measures aimed at increasing productivity and improving working methods ;
  • Maintain a close connection with the management team regarding the status of operations ;
  • Motivate and support employees ;
  • Meet with the staff on your shift daily and write up various reports ;
  • See to it that the current collective agreement is applied, and manage and follow up on any problems that arise with employees ;
  • Carry out any other tasks related to your duties.

Required qualification

  • Minimum of 3 years of relevant management experience in a manufacturing environment ;
  • Management experience in a unionized environment (an asset) ;
  • A leader, an excellent communicator, and a motivator ;
  • Demonstrated ability to listen and understand, as well as management skills ;
  • Experience with continual improvement (an asset).

Education / training

DCS general, HSD

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