COMPANY PROFILE: Pioneer in quality control of customer service, since 1997, C3 Client Satisfaction is a company specializing in the quest for customer satisfaction on the field and in events for all types of retail and service, across Canada.


Under the supervision of a C3 project manager, the selected candidate will be responsible for visiting a few businesses in and around the area in order to check specific points concerning customer service such as price, display or to check whether the companies' protocol is respected such as uniform, acknowledgment, activity of the employees and to test the knowledge of the employees by asking predetermined questions like product availability or advice on using products.

Computer forms are to be completed immediately after the visits. The identity of the person remains confidential.

Other conditions:

The person must have the flexibility to work during normal business hours. The candidate must have access to a vehicle, a computer and the Internet.

Skills sought:

The ideal candidate is someone already working in the field of survey, data collection and / or surveys and who wants more contracts. The person must have EXCELLENT written and verbal grammar. Contracts range from 45 to 90 minutes on site. Possibility to work more hours. Depending on schedule and flexibility to drive to different areas to carry out the different contracts.

Additional details:

You MUST register online to access the details of each contract and receive notifications of new contracts in your region. When registering, please choose ONLY the cities near your residence, since we pay NO mileage.

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C3 Client Satisfaction inc.

Pionnière du contrôle de la qualité du service à la clientèle, depuis 1997, C3 Client Satisfaction est une entreprise spécialisée dans la recherche de satisfaction-client sur le terrain via le client-mystère, l'entrevue-client et le sondage ainsi que dans les événements pour...

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