Our client is a well-established company specializing in manufacturing and marketing cleaning and housekeeping products. They are currently looking for a manufacturing project supervisor for their facilities in the Montreal area.

Nature of position

Under the supervision of the head of engineering and maintenance, your job will mainly consist of managing various projects related to the production lines and manufacturing techniques in order to improve the efficiency of various manufacturing sectors, the quality of operations, equipment safety, and the environmental aspect of the plant's operations.

  • Analyze and find solutions to recurring problems that have an impact on production line productivity;
  • Specify, manage, and lead improvement, maintenance, and safety improvement projects for all of the plant's equipment;
  • Design parts related to the solutions developed;
  • Prepare modifications required for automation;
  • Supervise work done by external suppliers, as needed;
  • Monitor the effectiveness of changes made in order to ensure that they are providing the desired results;
  • Communicate with and train operators and supervisors regarding solutions that are being implemented;
  • Assist production with the day-to-day monitoring of technical difficulties;
  • Provide support for continuous improvement activities;
  • Carry out any other task related to your duties.

Required qualification

  • Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering or automated production engineering, or other relevant education;
  • Minimum of 3 years of relevant experience;
  • Fluent in spoken and written French and English;
  • Proficient with AutoCAD 2D and the MS Office Suite (Excel and Word);
  • Good planning and organizational skills.

Education / training

Bachelor in automated production engineering , Bachelor in mechanical engineering , D.C.S. - Mechanical engineering technic

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