Our client is a company specializing in the environment, with sound experience working with environmental evaluations of sites (phases I, II, and III), environmental compliance auditing, requests for authorization certificates, etc. They are currently looking for an environmental technician.

Nature of position

Under the supervision of the environment manager, your job will be to work on various projects related primarily to environmental evaluations of sites, but also tasks related to asbestos sampling.

  • Perform drilling work;
  • Operate the Geo-Probe 420 drill (with another technician);
  • Carry out field sampling work (soil and water);
  • Perform on-site environmental monitoring;
  • Write up various reports as needed;
  • Write drill logs;
  • Give assistance during on-site work;
  • Carry out any other task related to your duties.

Required qualification

  • College diploma in civil engineering, remediation and industrial safety, mineral technology, or any other relevant education/training;
  • Knowledge of sampling techniques is essential;
  • Valid driver's licence;
  • Available to travel to remote areas of Quebec (on occasion);
  • Proficiency with design software AutoCAD is an asset.

Education / training

D.C.S. - Civil engineering technology, D.C.S. - Mineral technology , D.C.S. - Purification and industrial safety

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