Our client, a family business solidly established in the greater Quebec City area, which is in its third generation of entrepreneurs, is currently looking for a computer support technician.

Nature of position

Under the supervision of the company's management, your main mandate will be to manage Level I and II problems, resolve these problems quickly by direct intervention or by telephone or email in an efficient and professional manner, and, when required, to participate in the implementation of new systems or to update existing environments for these resolutions. As such, you will :

  • Provide first line technical assistance to users experiencing difficulties with computer hardware, applications and communication software ;
  • Be the reference for technical support for various telecommunication tools (cellular sales application, mobile application, RFID system, digital information display application, electronic signature robots, etc.) ;
  • Manage the links with the partners of the different software (about 10) and the external IT - cybersecurity experts ;
  • Manage and grant network and Office 365 suite access rights (as authorized and agreed upon by the Executive Director) ;
  • Perform every other task compatible with your functions.

Required qualification

  • DEC in Computer Science, DEP in Computer Support or other relevant training/experience ;
  • Possesses excellent problem solving skills ;
  • Understanding of software and hardware technologies ;
  • Demonstrate empathy, excellent listening skills and tact ;
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Education / training

D.C.S. - Computer science technic , D.V.S. - Computer assistance

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